The mAy team first appeared in 2015 and shows at the Swiss Garden (May 1st) and Blenheim Palace (August 4th–7th) 2016

The mAy team is the result of all those years of teaching and training; made up of full time dancers, teachers & musicians with a wealth of knowledge of the living tradition.  For some shows they are joined by Pump House Clog Morris from Watford.

Typically The mAy team will do a short performance and then invite members of the audience to try their hand with full instruction but they can put on a longer show adding morris and clog dancing, music and song to create a full package of traditional entertainment. These shows are possible more or less anywhere where there is a performance space at least 7m in diameter and somewhere for the audience.  

Many of the current members of The mAy team live in the South East of England. That does not mean that we are not prepared to travel, it just might cost a bit more.

During 2017 The mAy team performers have included; Mike Ruff, the Phabulous PHAMS (Pump House Angie, Margaret and Sue), Alison Rowley, Deborah Chalmers, Ali Heywood, Catherine Cole, Alice Cade and Arwen Hobday.

In a slightly different line up The mAy team has also provided music and dance for Regency Garden Parties at The Swiss Garden in Bedfordshire. We are always happy to consider other events like this.